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How to Report an Accident

Notification to the Authority

The  Accident and Incident Investigations Department (AIID)  should  be  notified  immediately through the information provided on the website  upon  occurring  of  an  Incident  occurs  within  the territory  of  the Republic of South Africa  into  any  aircraft  or  in  foreign  territory  to  an  aircraft  registered  in  South Africa. All notifications should be forwarded to the Investigator on call and Manager: Accident and Incident Investigations their respective contact details are available on the CAA website 24/7 hrs. This notification could be in the form of a telephone call or e-mail.  In the event of an occurrence, it is most probable that one or more of the following will notify Civil Aviation Authority and Accident Investigation Department:

Air Traffic Controller

  1. Owner/Operator
  2. Aircraft pilot/surviving crew members
  3. Handling agent/Maintenance organization
  4. Police/Local Authority
  5. Eyewitness
  6. State of Occurrence, in the event of an occurrence in foreign territory to an aircraft registered in South Africa

The legal responsibility for notification of an Incident rests first with commander of the aircraft or, if he be killed or incapacitated, then the operator and if the occurrence is in foreign territory, the State of Occurrence. If the Incident occurs on or adjacent to an aerodrome, then the aerodrome operator is also required to notify the Incident. The notification is required to be passed to the Authority by the quickest means and giving, as far as possible, the required information mentioned in the paragraph below.

Recording of Notification

The recording should be made using an Accident/Incident Recording form format as approved; the recording must contain the following information.

  1. For accidents the identifying abbreviation ACCID, for serious incidents INCID;
  2. Manufacturer, model, nationality and registration marks, and serial number of the aircraft; 
  3. Name of owner, operator and hirer, if any, of the aircraft;
  4. Qualification of the pilot-in-command, and nationality of crew and passengers;
  5. Date and time (local time or UTC) of the incident;
  6. Last point of departure and point of intended landing of the aircraft;
  7. Position of the aircraft with reference to some easily defined geographical point and latitude and longitude;
  8. Number  of  crew and  passengers;  aboard,  killed  and  seriously  injured;  others,  killed  and seriously injured;
  9. Description of the accident or serious incident and the extent of damage to the aircraft so far as is known;
  10. An indication to what extent the investigation will be conducted or is proposed to be delegated by the State of Occurrence;
  11. Physical  characteristics  of  the  accident  or  serious  incident  area,  as  well  as  an  indication  of  access difficulties or special requirements to reach the site;
  12. Identification of the originating authority and    means to contact the investigator-in-charge and the Incident investigation authority of the State of Occurrence at any time; and
  13. Presence and description of dangerous goods on board the aircraft.
  14. And any other information no matter how pertinent has to be communicated to the investigator on call.

Reports should therefore be forwarded to the investigator on call, as listed below:

Koketjo 461 6188011 545 105121 April - 27 April 2017

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