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AIRAC Dates 2020

Final date for publication requests to reach CAA AISPublication dateAIRAC effective date
20-Sep-1905-Dec-1902 JAN '20
17-Oct-1902-Jan-2030 JAN '20
15-Nov-1930-Jan-2027 FEB '20
06-Dec-1927-Feb-2026 MAR '20
13-Jan-2026-Mar-2023 APR '20
11-Feb-2023-Apr-2021 MAY '20
06-Mar-2021-May-2018 JUN '20
30-Mar-2018-Jun-2016 JUL '20
04-May-2016-Jul-2013 AUG '20
28-May-2013-Aug-2010 SEP '20
29-Jun-2010-Sep-2008 OCT '20
24-Jul-2008-Oct-2005 NOV '20
21-Aug-2005-Nov-2003 DEC '20
17-Sep-2003-Dec-2031 DEC '20
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