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About Aerodromes and Facilities

Brief Outline:

We issue Airport & Heliports licenses and register unlicensed Aerodromes and Helistops. Conduct safety oversight function on Aerodromes before issuing Aerodrome licenses. There are 133 Licensed Airports, 107 Registered Helistops and 48 registered Airfields.


Sections within the Department

  • Aerodromes Safety Infrastructure

    1. Civil Infrastructure

    2. Electrical Infrastructure

  • Aerodromes Safety Operations

    1. Apron Safety Operations

    2. Rescue and Fire Fighting Services

    3. Aerodrome Quality Management

  • Aerodromes Safety Cat Z and Heliports

    1. Cat Z and Heliports

  • Civil infrastructure: Mainly focuses on the runway, taxiways and apron surfaces and markings. The entire discipline and its regulation ensure the safe landing, manoeuvring and take-off of aircrafts.

  • Electrical Infrastructure: Focuses on the Aerodrome Ground Lighting (AGL), this includes the runway lighting, taxiway lights and Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPI). The electrical discipline regulates the function and operation of the Substations and Switch rooms for the same lighting systems in the aerodromes

  • Aerodromes Quality Management: Audits manuals that cover procedures and quality assurance of airports. These include Aerodromes Operations Manuals (AOM), Safety Management Systems (SMS) manuals, Emergency Manuals, etc.

  • Apron Safety Operations: Conducts inspections to enforce safety regarding aircraft and vehicle movement, and safe operations e.g. loading and off-loading, marshalling, fuelling, secure parking of aircrafts etc. They also perform incident investigations and the oversight of any investigations carried out by the operator. Risk assessment and Control of access are also covered by the inspections.

  • Rescue and Fire Fighting Services (RFFS): to ensure compliance in line with rescue and fire-fighting services as per SACAA regulations requirements and ensure that operators are capable of providing the required level of protection necessary to maintain the minimum level of protection for the appropriate category of their aerodrome.

  • AT Z and Heliports: Responsible for registering of unlicensed airfields and approval and registration of Helistops and licensing of Heliports.

  • Administration: Responsible for billing and collection of Airport License fees, Helistop and Heliports fees. Arranging travel, accommodation and car hire for inspectors when they conduct inspections and surveillance. Chair the Licensing Committee where inspectors discuss and decides on the issuing of licenses.

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