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Responsibility of the Industry

Airport Operators

Each Airport Operator has a legal duty as stipulated in the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations, 1981, Regulation 5(3):

"An airport management shall draw up a safety plan for the airport concerned to be submitted to the CAA for approval by the Minister."

The responsibility of the Airport Operator is to ensure that prescribed minimum requirements and standards are adhered to with respect to the regulations.

Airport security, including physical, access control, screening of passengers and baggage.



Operators of air services to, from or within South Africa, are responsible for the security of their aircraft, including screening of passengers and their carry-on baggage and security control of cargo, re-fueling and catering. The operators are also required to furnish the CAA with a Security Programme.


Regulated Agents

Air cargo agents are listed as regulated agents and are responsible for the security clearance and handling of international cargo in accordance with their approved programs.


Designated Airports

What Is Designation of Airports? - Currently only airports belonging to ACSA or managed by ACSA are designated airports as per definition of Section 1 of the Civil Aviation Offences Act, 1972 (Act No.10 of 1972)

What Legal Implication Does a Designated Airport Have? - Being a designated airport places a legal obligation to comply with the provisions of the act, as well as the Civil Aviation Safety Regulation, 1981.

In practical terms, being a designated airport bears responsibility to effect implementation of legal provisions, being the following:

  1. Section 2B prohibition and control of persons and harmful articles in restricted areas;

  2. Section 2E Authorized persons and certain employees may call for identification;

  3. Section 2F Search of persons and other articles

  4. Section 2G Seizure or retention of harmful articles.

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