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Flight Operations Functions

Flight Operations responsibilities include the following functions:

Flight Operations

  • AOC  Initial
  • AOC  Initial QA/QC
  • AOC Renewal
  • AOC Renewal QA/QC
  • AOC Surveillance
  • Evaluate an Aircraft Lease Agreement
  • Ammendment of C of A Comercial
  • Re-issue of C of A commercial
  • Addition of AC to AOC
  • Ramp Inspections of commercially operated aircraft


Issuance of Special Flight Permits Commercial Operated AC

  • Ramp Inspections of Business Aircraft
  • Re-issue of C of A Business Aircraft


Issuance of Special Flight Permits Bussiness Operated AC

  • MEL Certificates
  • AFM/POH Certificates
  • AMS Approvals
  • M & B / Equipment Lists/ MCM Approvals
  • Evaluate an Extended Range Operations With Two-Engine Airplanes (ETOPS)
  • Evaluate a Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums (RVSM) Program
  • Evaluate a Special Means of Navigation
  • Approve Special Category I/ Category II/ Category III Operation
  • Initial Part 138 Approvals
  • Initial Part 138 Approvals QA/QC
  • Ramp Inspections Part 138
  • NTCA Commercial ATF
  • NTCA commercial Ramp
  • NTCA Private Ramp Inspections
  • Council Docs
  • Council Representation
  • Evaluate an Exemption, Deviation, or Waiver Request
  • Conduct an Enforcement Investigation
  • Investigate a Noise Complaint or Damage Caused by a Civil Aircraft
  • Investigate Reports of Reckless Flying
  • Investigate a Hazardous Air Traffic Report (HATR)
  • Investigate a Pilot Deviation
  • Investigate a Report of a Near Midair Collision (NMAC)
  • Investigate a Report of Emergency Evacuation
  • Investigate an Incident Involving Hazardous Materials
  • Investigate a Foreign Air Carrier Incident
  • Conduct a Ramp Inspection of Foreign Registered Aircraft
  • Investigate a Foreign Air Carrier Incident
  • FOP Evaluations
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