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Technical Guidance Material

CA 91 C 02.pdfCA 91 C 02MEL Approval Certificate
CA AOC - 022.pdfCA AOC - 022Reduced Visibility Flight Operations Cat I and II Operations
CA AOC 000.pdfCA AOC 000Pre-Application Information Package
CA AOC 001.pdfCA AOC 001TGM for Certification Process
CA AOC 002.pdfCA AOC 002Operator and Inspector Operations Specifications Guidance
CA AOC 003.pdfCA AOC 003Statement of Compliance
CA AOC 008.pdfCA AOC 008Approval MEL and CDL
CA AOC 012.pdfCA AOC 012Conducting Base Inspections
CA AOC 013.pdfCA AOC 013Conducting Station Facilities Inspections
CA AOC 016.pdfCA AOC 016Operational Contol
CA AOC 021.pdfCA AOC 021Guidance for Operator De Icing Program
CA AOC 023A.pdfCA AOC 023AEvaluate Operator Weight and Blance Control Program
CA AOC 024.pdfCA AOC 024Evaluate Aircraft Leasing Agreement
CA AOC 027.pdfCA AOC 027Gate Reguirements
CA AOC 028.pdfCA AOC 028Line Station Operations Manual
CA AOC 032.pdfCA AOC 032EDTO
CA AOC 033.pdfCA AOC 033EFB Operational Authorisation
CA AOC 036.pdfCA AOC 036HUD And Equivalent Displays
CA AOC AC 002.pdfCA AOC AC 002Operator's Quality System
CA AOC AC 004.pdfCA AOC AC 004Aircraft Ground Handling and Servicing Advisory Circular
CA AOC AC FO 003.pdfCA AOC AC FO 003Aircraft Mass and Balance Control Advisory Circular
CA AOC AC FO 005.pdfCA AOC AC FO 005Aircraft Fuel Control
CA AOC AC FO 006.pdfCA AOC AC FO 006Passenger Safety Information Briefing and Briefing Cards
CA AOC AC FO 007.pdfCA AOC AC FO 007Use of Portable Electronic Devices Aboard Aircraft
CA AOC AC FO 008.pdfCA AOC AC FO 008RVSM Approval
CA AOC AC FO 012.pdfCA AOC AC FO 012RNP Advisory Circular
CA AOC AC FO 016.pdfCA AOC AC FO 016Reviewing A Line Station Operations Manual
CA AOC AC FO 019.pdfCA AOC AC FO 019Training Program Approval Process
CA AOC AC FO 019a Appendix A.pdfCA AOC AC FO 019a Appendix AOperations Manual Part 4 Appendix A
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