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Confidential Aviation Hazard Reporting

What is CAHRS?

Confidential Aviation Hazard Reporting System is a voluntary, non-punitive, confidential reporting system established by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA). It provides a channel for the voluntary reporting of aviation occurrences or hazards while protecting the reporter's identify.

The CAHRS system does not eliminate the need for mandatory reporting of aircraft accidents and incidents to the AIID under the existing aviation regulations. Reporters are urged to report accidents and incidents to the AIID On-Call Investigator on /+27 (0) 60 991 9915.


Contact Details

​011 545 1242

011 545 1063

​011 545 1178
​You may also use the mobile numbers or send a WhatsApp to;
​Lerato Sekhukhune      
​Lerato Boya 
​Soomesh Maharaj 


Who can file a CAHRS report?

Anyone who wishes to report a hazard or system deficiency voluntarily and confidentially. This includes members of the public or those involved in aviation. Reporters are encouraged to make use of their organisation's internal SMS voluntary reporting system where applicable, unless they have no access to such a system or the hazard is deemed beyond the scope of their organisation's purview.


What may be reported with CAHRS?

Note: the list below is not exhaustive:  

  • Air proximity events
  • Aircraft cabin operations
  • Fuelling operations
  • Inadequate aerodrome conditions or services
  • Cargo loading
  • Unsafe ATC operations
  • Aircraft/engines/component maintenance and repair activities
  • Unsafe training activities involving flight operations
  • Passenger handling operations related to safety
  • Insufficient qualifications or experience of employees of the aircraft operator
  • Any other matter that affects or might affect the safety of or aircraft operations not reportable under a mandatory reporting scheme please call us.


What is not a reportable safety concern?

  • matters relating to a serious and imminent threat to a person's health or life
  • industrial relations matters
  • conduct that constitutes a criminal offence


Unlawful aviation activities. If you wish to provide information about unlawful aviation activities, you should contact the SACAA enforcement on For suspected fraud contact the SACAA Fraudline 0800 997 263


The objectives of CAHRS  

  • To prevent accidents and incidents by identifying hazards before there is a loss of life, injury or damage;
  • To prevent accidents and incidents by identifying hazards before there is a loss of life, injury or damage;
  • To improve the safety awareness of the current aviation community;
  • To enhance the basis for human factors research and recommendations for future procedures, operations, facilities and equipment.


What is confidential?

Personal information about the reporter is confidential. It is encouraged that the reporter keeps his/her identity confidential, by not copying in personnel from within or outside the reporter's organization to the report.


Is an anonymous report via CAHRS acceptable?

Anonymous reports, i.e. without a name or phone number, will be accepted. However, less significance may be attributed to such a report, as the reporter cannot be contacted for further relevant information, which may be required for analysis.


What are the possible outcomes from a CAHRS report?

  • Safety promotion campaigns
  • Improvement of policies, standards and procedures
  • Safety information sharing


Why is it important to report hazards?

Reporting of hazards assist in identifying aviation hazards, risks and trends that might lead to potential incidents and accidents. In certain instances these are overlooked and only picked up when a loss of life and damage to property, have occurred.  


How to report a hazard 

CAHRS reports can be submitted by the online form.  Click here to access the form; or obtain Confidential Aviation Hazard Reporting System (CAHRS) forms from the SACAA offices.

Complete the forms and submit them to the SACAA Building 1 or 2 receptionist:  16 Treur Close, Waterfall Park, Bekker Street Midrand.

Electronic copies may also be submitted to


What happens after your report has been submitted: 

  1. Reports are registered and allocated a reference number.
  2. The CAHRS administrator acknowledges receipt via email if not anonymous.
  3. The CAHRS investigators make contact with the reporter, if necessary , for further information
  4. The report is de-identified
  5. Report referred to relevant department
  6. Some of the reports are published
  7. Summary of reports are used for analysis
  8. De-identified reports are put on file
  9. Data exchange


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