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FAQ: Aircraft Certification

How can I get my manufacturing organisation approved?

A five phase process is undertaken to certify a manufacturing organisation, which includes the following phases:

  1. Pre-Application phase
  2. Formal Application
  3. Document Evaluation
  4. Demonstration and Inspection
  5. Certification

How long does this five phase process takes?

It really depends on the milestones specified in the schedule of events submitted by the applicant, and of course the authority will as well need equivalent amount of time to make necessary reviews and inspection. The applicant's readiness is basically the determining factor.

Who is eligible for the Manufacturing Organisation Approval?

Anyone who holds or has an agreement with the holder of design approvals such as the following:

  • Parts manufacturing approval(PMA)
  • Part 24 Aircraft Approval
  • Type Certificate
  • Technical standard order Authorisation.


Am I eligible for the Manufacturing Organisation Approval if I hold an STC?

No, unless you plan to manufacturer modification or replacement parts for sale in conformance with the approved data listed on the STC.

 Application for the Part Manufacturer Approval (ZA-PMA) should be made on a prescribed form with reference to the STC and addressed to the Certification Engineering Section of the SACAA.

 What do I do when I want to amend my manufacturing approval?

The holder of a manufacturing approval who desire to make changes/ amendments to the manufacturing approval, must do the following:

  • Notify the authority (Manufacturing Section) in writing about the  intentions
  • Apply for an amendment to the manufacturing approval
  • Submit Manual of Procedure amendments for approval
  • Notify the authority once you ready for the amendment audit.


Is the Manufacturing Approval transferrable?

A manufacturing approval is not transferrable. However a change in ownership of the holder of an approval is deemed to be a change of significance to the organisation, which constitutes the new organisation application.

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