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FAQ: Finances

Why does the CAA not respond after a fee has been deposited into its bank account?

It could be that the deposit slip was emailed to the wrong operational department, or the clients have not referenced the payment sensibly or have used incorrect reference protocols in terms of the SACAA website: Please ensure that your application for the relevant service is submitted to the relevant SACAA operational department together with the proof of payment.

Where can money for services be paid?

Clients can pay at the Cashier's office at the CAA offices or fees can be paid into the CAA's bank account:

Implementation of the compulsory use of reference numbers for bank deposits made into the Civil Aviation Authority’s bank account

The South African Civil Aviation Authority is experiencing problems with unidentified bank deposits made by clients that resulted in amounts appearing on the bank statements that are not traceable and subsequently not invoiced or allocated to a client account.

Please note that our bankers will not accept any deposit (including electronic fund transfers) that is not correctly referenced according to a specified code from 5 January 2004.

The operational department will issue you with this reference code before you transfer or deposit any amount into our bank account.  Visit our Fees page to see our banking details and referencing codes.

We have also closed all other bank accounts for depositing purposes. 

Can I use m Amex card?

Yes, we accept the Amex card, but only if you present it at the cashier.

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