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Fraud Hotline

Fraud, corruption and general irregularities are an increasing problem in South Africa. Too often, it is undetected and goes unreported, resulting in financial losses to companies, eventually to the detriment of employees, the public, Government Departments and State Owned Entities.

The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) is no different. Whilst we are committed to conducting our business ethically with honesty and integrity, we can only rely on our stakeholders to report. For this reason, we subscribe to a service that will enable all stakeholders, to report anonymously any fraudulent activities, corrupt practices, unethical conduct, general and aviation irregularities. The service, Fraud Hotline is managed by a professional independent service firm called WhistleBlowers. No one will therefore ever know who made the report.

Examples of what can be reported,

Not limited to:

  • Crime
    • Theft;
    • Fraud;
    • Corruption;
    • Bribery.
  • Disregard of internal policies or procedures
    • Over-riding controls;
    • Sharing of user ID's or access passwords or codes
  • Disregard of Civil Aviation Regulations

  • Supply Chain Irregularities
    • A supplier offers a kickback to the employee to gain the tender;
    • Employees doing business with government
    • Collusion between suppliers.
  • Abuse of company property and equipment
    • Excessive use of company resources
    • Use of the company resources  to run your own business;
    • Abusing company tools, equipment, and chemicals
  • Misrepresentation of facts on:
    • Travel claims
    • Subsistence Allowance
    • Qualifications
    • Not returning over paid allowances
  • Highly sensitive issues
    • Sexual Harassment;
    • Nepotism;
    • Racism


Abuse of Power/Authority

  • Officials abusing their power and authority against operators
  • Victimisation
  • Management victimization of employees
  • Inspectors victimising operators
  • Recruitment irregularities
  • Hiring of family and friends
  • Hiring of unqualified people


Aviation Irregularities

  • Falsifying flying log books
  • Unqualified crew and maintenance persons


How do I make a report to the Fraud Hotline?

The contact details for the hotline are:

  1. FreeCall: 0800 997 263
  2. SMS: 33490
  3. E-mail:
  4. Website:


Frequently asked questions

1. How can I be assured that my identity will be protected?

When you call the Fraud Hotline contact centre you are not required to give your name or any personal details. Secondly, there is no caller identification so we do not know from where the call was made. Even though we record all the calls, SACAA will never have access to the recordings so no-one will be able to identify your voice. We also have Editors' on site who 'sanitise' every call, which means that they strip out any information that could lead to the identity of the caller, so your company only gets a very factual report of the alleged wrong-doing with no additional information.

2. How do we know that anything will be done about the information that we might forward?

Top management is committed to ensure that the Fraud Hotline is successful and part of the success is to ensure that all calls are investigated by qualified forensic investigators.3. What happens if someone does not like someone else and uses the line to spread harmful stories (malicious call)?

Yes, this is a possibility and we are very aware that this can happen. Firstly, if there is malicious intent, one does not need this hotline to spread it - you can spread a rumour in the canteen.. However, all our agents are trained to identify a malicious call and so are our duty evaluators. We filter these calls and flag them as malicious when we forward them. When these reports are read by forensic investigators  they are read in the light that they could be malicious. Also remember that a tip-off is merely an allegation of wrong doing and proper evidence and proof has to be obtained through forensic investigation, before any action can be taken.

3. Why do the call centre agents ask me questions?

The call centre agent will ask you question in order to obtain the necessary information for investigation. Callers usually have valuable information of which they are not aware, our call centre agent will ask you these probing questions to guide you through the reporting process.

4. What is the tracking/reference number used for at the Contact Centre?

The tracking number is your reference number that relates to the incident that you have reported. Should you wish to add more information to a report at a later stage, you can call back and quote the reference number and just give the agent the additional information. This reference number is yours alone (do not give it to someone else to follow up on your report), this is to ensure that your identity is protected.

5. Can the caller get feedback?

Yes, once the investigation is completed, written feedback can be provided to the whistle-blower on request.

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