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Aviation Training Organisations

​South African Aviation Training Organisations Scamming Alert

Prospective students from all over the world are being scammed by unscrupulous persons in South Africa. The scams involve tricking students into paying over funds to undergo training at Aviation Training Organisations (ATOs) allegedly holding approvals granted by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA).

Advertising of ATO services are typically conducted through the newspaper advertisements or through the internet. Popular advertisements include the lure of completing an aircraft type rating, followed by an employment contract as a First Officer or Flight Attendant on a named airline.

Enquiries about these advertisements invariably are followed up by a request to deposit funds (normally in US dollars or Euros) into a named bank account. Some scammers have even requested money to be sent through "Cash Send" services available through most ATM services.

When responding to an advertisement for a particular training service, please request the training service provider to supply you with a copy of its approved ATO certificate as well as a copy of its approved Training Operations Specification (Opspec). The Opspec issued by the SACAA will list the training that has been approved for the particular ATO. You are then invited to verify the authenticity of the supplied documentation with the SACAA by sending an email to

Note – in the subject line of the email, please insert "VERIFICATION OF ATO CERTIFICATE AND OPSPEC".

Prospective students are advised to exercise caution and carry out due diligence (especially where promises of employment are included) before committing to any financial arrangement, as the SACAA is not able to assist in any way with persons that have been scammed.​

"If it sounds too good to be true, then it is probably not true!"

  • For enquiry regarding a particular Aviation Training Organisation (ATO) / Declared Training Organisation (DTO), please send your enquiry to  Categorise your email in the "SUBJECT" box of the mail, by starting with the name of the ATO, or its trading name, the ATO approval number (if available), then the nature of the email

  • For enquiry regarding the "SACAA copy of the register of the list of valid ATOs/DTOs: As per the 21st amendment to the Civil Aviation Regulations as contained in the Government Gazette No 11359 Vol 677 of 15 November 2021 No 45491 contains the SACAA regulations Part 187.01.34 [d (iv)] and [ i ] found on the SACAA website, send a request with payment to attention (Attention: The Administrator) and request for an invoice to be receipted together with a copy of the latest ATO/DTO list.  A client requiring an invoice to be receipted mus​t follow the communication protocol as shown on our website. No services are to be delivered without payment of the application fee. 


About Regulations and Exemptions
  • General Part 66 Exemption - Click here for the complete text of an exemption from Part 66 (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licensing) which comes into immediate effect.
  • Notice from RAASA - Circular to Aviation Training Organisation owners and managers conducting flight training in terms of Part 62, Part 68 and Part 69 


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