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List of Compliant DFE's for the 2018-2019 Designation Period

ABRAMSGLgarethlabrams@gmail.com0829272335DFE IIISA EXPRESSA ICOMAIRAYes
BARNARDB Cbarrybarnard66@gmail.com721519996DFE I SAFAIRA
BARRYGLgavinleebarry@gmail.com832268585DFE IIISAAA
BATLEYAFPAlexanderBatley@flysaa.com832906427DFE IIISAAA IIISAAA IIISAAA
BEZUIDENHOUTSPbuz@iafrica.com0845679736DFE IN/AHYes
BLOMEEblom.eben@gmail.com762012567DFE IIIAIRLINKA I COMAIRAYes
BRANDERSJObrandie747@gmail.com832971852DFE I N/AAYes
BROOKSONCOcraig.brookson@gmail.com0741046668DFE IIITITAN HELICOPTERH
BROWNKMkevernbrown@flysaa.com827073160DFE IIISAAA I COMAIRA I N/AAYes I N/AAYes IN/AAYes
CAWDRYIMiancawdry@yahoo.com845112266DFE IIISAFAIRA
CHAPLINTPterry.chaplin@gmail.com824550531DFE I SAAA/HYes I N/AAYes I MANGOAYes ISAAAYes
CLEGGRJcleggrj@gmail.com825511570DFE I COMAIRAYes 838632694DFE I COMAIRA IN/AHYes
COLEMANAJandrewcoleman@flysaa.com824156238DFE IIISAAA I AIRLINKAYes
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