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List of Compliant DFE's for the 2020-2021 Designation Period

BLOMEEblom.eben@gmail.com0762012567DFE IIIA01/04/2020 IAYes01/04/2020 IAYes01/04/2020
CLEGGRJcleggrj@gmail.com0825511570DFE IAYes01/04/2020
DE KLERKQHquintinhdeklerk@gmail.com0722072270DFE IAYes01/04/2020 IAYes01/04/2020
DU PREEZ WINSONRCsryantg@yahoo.com0795206495DFE IIIA01/04/2020
DU TOITT Jtheunistoit@gmail.com0829330108DFE IIIA01/04/2020
FOUCHEHhfouche@flyairlink.com0845557818DFE IIIA01/04/2020 IAYes01/04/2020
GELDENHUYSHCmgmanieg@gmail.com0828031274DFE IIIA01/04/2020
HARMSELharmselouis006@gmail.com0829634802DFE IAYes01/04/2020 IAYes01/04/2020
HYDEBHbrucehyde@iafrica.com0834569385DFE IAYes01/04/2020 IIIA01/04/2020 IIIA01/04/2020 IAYes01/04/2020
MAINARWreubenmaincat@gmail.com0605646480DFE IAYes01/04/2020
MC IIIA01/04/2020
MELLETAJmellet@iafrica.com0826517117DFE IAYes01/04/2020 IAYes01/04/2020
PRIGGEHWhansprigge@yahoo.com0825637877DFE IIIA01/04/2020 IAYes01/04/2020
SMITHDAdasmith727@gmail.com0823260727DFE IAYes01/04/2020
STEYNBERGAJsteynbergjaco@gmail.com0823360518DFE IIIH01/04/2020
VAN NIEKERKCGcoenvn@gmail.com0823367977DFE IIIA01/04/2020 IAYes01/04/2020 IAYes01/04/2020 IAYes01/04/2020

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