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Enquiry Details


  • To give feedback regarding examination content, please send a clear e-mail to If possible, attach a copy of your coaching report.

  • For application for verification/copy of examination results, please send an e-mail to (Pilots, Flight Engineers, AME'S, ATS and Cabin Crew)

  • Please note - The SACAA Examination Officers might be working from home, due to lockdown regulations.  For urgent matters please use the following contact details:  Laureen Moshane - 083 461 6522 / Leah Ramjee - 082 946 1821 / Michael Manamela - 083 461 6143



Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions​​ pages, before making an enquiry. 

Application for verification and 30 days extension on personnel licenses


Card Licences Queries



Enquiries of personnel license status


Please note - The SACAA Licensing Personnel might be working from home, due to lockdown regulations. 
For urgent matters please use the following contact details:

Name & Surname Email AddressesTel NumbersMobile Numbers
Neo Gouwe (Manager) 545 1249083 461 6414
1. Cindy 545 1472 066 548 8049
2. Weziwe 545 1200
3. Carita 545 1248072 719 5355
4. Thabang 545 1493072 719 2620
5. Welhemina 545 1088064 553 7150
6. Mancha 545 1323071 403 0826
7. Thandiwe 545 1646067 797 6621
8. Zama 545 1163072 71 96184
9. Amanda 545 1250083 461 6264
10. Mlungisi 545 1251072 719 5730
11. Jerry 545 1061071 820 5055
12. Rekha 545 1263072 719 4321
13. Elsie Mgwili 545 1257079 492 2810
14. Merriam 545 1075076 698 1011
15. Lerato 545 1701072 498 3616
16. Olwethu 545 1324072 053 7711
17.Sibusiso 545 1133072 719 4266
18.Mikhal 545 1346072 719 3015




Click here to view contact details for Aviation Training and Flight Simulator Devices


All correspondence with respect to SACAA ATO approvals should be directed to 
All correspondence with respect to SACAA FSTD qualifications should be directed to

  1. Please do not send documents directly to the PEL Training manager, a PEL inspector or PEL administrator. 
  2. Please note that no requests for foreign training approvals, licensing or examination enquiries will be dealt with.  Foreign training approvals is a function of Examinations. Contact the manager examinations using this email address:
  3. For all other licensing or examination enquiries please check the enquiry details on this page.

Please note that messages sent to is directed to a centralised mailbox.  To ensure you receive the best possible service, please see the guidance below.

Categorise your email in the "SUBJECT" box of the mail, by starting with the name of the ATO, its trading name, the ATO approval number, then the nature of the email


  • Subject – "Insert name of your ATO and Trading as name" - SACAA "Insert approval number" CAA - Application for annual renewal
  • Subject - GENERAL ENQUIRY – New training school start-up


Any attachments should be easily identifiable and saved in a logical fashion


  • Renewal - SACAA "Insert approval number" ato – Date "Insert date e.g. 20.12.2021"     [Renewal SACAA XXXX ATO 20.12.2021.pdf]
  • POP Renewal - SACAA "Insert approval number" CAA – Date "Insert date e.g. 20.12.2021" – [POP Renewal SACAA XXXX ATO 20.12.2021.pdf]



Ex RAASA ATOs are to complete Form CA 141-202 and CA 141-205. All other ATOs are to complete Form CA 141-04 and submit together with proof of payment in terms of CAR 187.01.34 (d) and (g) to  Please ensure that the completed application form reaches this office not later than 30 days before the annual anniversary date of the expiry date on your current ATO Certificate.

With due consideration to COVID-19,  no documents to be handed in or sent by courier for processing will be accepted. All clients are to submit documents electronically in PDF format.

Please note that if the addition of aircraft is requested for inclusion on the Opspec of an ATO and that aircraft does not reflect on our electronic system, that there will be a 14 working days delay in processing, as the aircraft is not registered on the "SACAA Electronic System" and we will have to forward your application and associated documents to "Aircraft Registry". As a result, please make sure that your application and associated documents are submitted electronically. We can only process your application once the aircraft is registered on the system.

Aircraft will not be added onto an Opspec until such time that "Aircraft Registry" has brought the SACAA Electronic system up-to-date.

In general, please allow for at least 7 working days for a response to your email.



Johan NiemandSenior Manager:  Personnel Licensing011 545 1323083 461 6381

Paul PhookoManager Examinations 011 545 1550 / 1158 / 1157 / 1499 / 1057 / 1033

Blake VorsterManager Training011 545 1356083 451

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