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Personnel Licensing (PEL)

​​​Personnel Licensing (PEL) is a department within the Aviation Safety Operations Division (ASO). The Senior Manager Personnel Licensing (SM PEL) reports to the Executive: ASO and is responsible for the oversight of ICAO Annex 1 requirements. PEL has three distinct functions with three line managers reporting to the SM PEL. ​

​​The three functions of PEL are:

  1. Licensing​
  2. Examinations​
  3. Training​

PEL responsibilities include the following functions:

  • Responsible for the maintenance of Part 61 (Pilot Licensing), Part 63 (Flight Engineer Licensing) and Part 64 (cabin Crew Licensing), Part 68 (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licensing (AME)), Part 69 (free Balloon Pilot Licences), Part 101 (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Licensing Systems – Pilot Licensing) and Part 141 (Aviation Training Organisations) regulations in terms of ICAO Annex 1.
  • Set ground training syllabi and practical training standards.
  • Develop assessment criteria for practical assessments (Skills Testing).
  • Develop examination questions for theoretical knowledge testing.
  • Conduct annual oversight over the proficiency of Designated Flight Examiners (DFEs) and Cabin Designated Examiners Crew (CDEs).
  • Approve the designation of DFEs, CDEs and Radio Telephony Examiners.
  • Approve training to be conducted at foreign type rating organisations
  • Conduct enforcement actions as required.
  • Serve on industry liaison and regulatory workgroups.
  • Provide expert opinion to Occurrence Investigations on request.
  • Conduct Standards workshops industry wide with respect to Flight Instructors, DFEs, CDEs as well as Flight Instructor Examiners.
  • Process licensing applications.
  • Provide examinations for aircrew and AME's.
  • Approve SACAA Examination Centres.
  • Audit and oversight SACAA Examination Centres
  • Approve Aviation Training Organisations.
  • Approve training curricula against regulatory defined syllabi.
  • Audit and oversight Training Organisations.

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