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Notices and Newsletters

PD&C Notice 1/2014: Additional requirements for Flight Procedure Validation

Additional requirements for the submission of Flight Procedures for validation.

PD&C Notice 1/2015:  Implementation of CAR Part 173: 

The Civil Aviation Regulations 2011, and specifically Part 173, became effective on 01 August 2012.  Part 173 was not implemented on 01 August 2012 as ongoing consultation was still taking place regarding the fees relating to Part 173.  AIC 005/2014 dated 06 March 2014 was issued informing Flight Procedure Design Organisations that Part 173 will be implemented with effect from 01 July 2014.  A grace period was granted and Part 173, including the fees as contained in Part 187.01.37, has been implemented with effect from 1 December 2014. 

As from 01 December 2014 all organisations who wish to provide Flight Procedure Design services in South Africa must be certified under Part 173.  After 01 December 2014 any organisation submitting flight procedures for validation to the SACAA who has not been certified under Part 173 will have their submissions returned until certification has been obtained. 

Flight Procedure Design Organisations wishing to apply for certification under Part 173 must comply with the requirements set out in Part 173.01.10.  The application can be made on CAA Form CA-173-01 (Application for the Issue, Amendment or Renewal of Flight Procedure Design Organisation Approval) and must be accompanied by proof of payment of the prescribed fees & the Operations Manual referred to in Part 173.02.1 and 173.03.1, as applicable.  The documents must be forwarded to pd& for attention Manager: Procedure Design & Cartography (M:PD&C).  Please allow a minimum of 7 working days to process the application. 

Queries regarding the implementation of Part 173 can be directed to: 

Manager: Procedure Design & Cartography
Procedure Design & Cartography
Air Navigation Services
Tel: +27 11 545 1468/1375/1315
Email: pd&


PD&C Notice 2/2015: Differences to ICAO SARPs: ICAO Doc 8168 Vol 2 Amendment 6

Kindly note that a difference to ICAO Doc 8168 Vol 2 (AMDT 6) Part III Sec 3 Ch 4 Par 4.3.4 (Definition of the OAS) is published in SA AIP GEN 1.7.20.  Please refer to SA AIP GEN 1.7.20 for the details of the difference.

Queries regarding this matter can be directed to:

Manager: Procedure Design & Cartography
Procedure Design & Cartography
Air Navigation Services
Tel: +27 11 545 1468/1375/1315
Email: pd&

PD&C Notice 3/2015: Organisational Structure Review: Procedure Design & Cartography (PD&C)

Kindly note that due to the SACAA's Organisational Structure Review the name of the Procedure Design & Cartography (PD&C) section has been changed to PANS-OPS, an acronym for Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Aircraft Operations.

The core functions of the PANS-OPS section are:

  1. PANS-OPS (Flight Procedure Design)
  2. Aeronautical Cartography
  3. Aviation Obstacles
  4. Aeronautical Surveys (WGS-84 Aerodrome & Ground Aids)
  5. Geographic Information System (GIS) Services

The contact details remain as follow:

PANS-OPS, Aeronautical Cartography,  Aeronautical Surveys & GIS:
Tel: +27 11 545 1468/1375/1315/1490
Email: pd&

Aviation Obstacles:
Tel: +27 11 545 1232/1255/1071
Email: or pd&


PANS-OPS Notice 1/2016: Approval of Instrument Flight Procedures

Approval of Instrument Flight Procedures.

PANS-OPS Notice 2/2016: CAR Part 173: New User Fees effective from 1 April 2016

Kindly note that new user fees relating to Part 173 (Flight Procedure Design) have been promulgated in Government Gazette No 39687 dated 12 February 2016 & will be effective from 1 April 2016.  The user fees relating to Part 173 is promulgated under CAR Part 187.01.38 (Pg 24).  For more information please refer to Government Gazette No 39687 available by clicking here.


PANS-OPS Notice 4/2016: ICAO Doc 8168 Amendment 7

All Flight Procedure Design Organisations (FPDO) and Approved Procedure Validators (APV) are to take note of, and implement, Amendment 7 to ICAO Doc 8168 Vol I & II which becomes effective on 10 November 2016.  The ICAO State Letter that contains Amendment 7 is available by clicking here.

Queries regarding the implementation of this amendment can be directed to the PANS-OPS section via email pd& or +27 11 545 1468/1375/1315.


PANS-OPS Notice 5/2016: Repealed Notices

The following PANS-OPS Notices are repealed:

PANS-OPS Notice 1/2015: CAR Part 173:  New User Fees effective from 1 December 2015

PANS-OPS Notice 3/2016: Applications for Certification & Approval as part of the ACSA Contract


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