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Letter of authorisation (Certification)

​To initiate the proces, applicant must submit application form CA-101-RLA with appropriated fee.  


  1. No RPAS shall be operated within the Republic, unless such RPAS has been issued with a letter of approval (RLA) by the Director.
  2. An application for the issuing or renewal of an RLA shall be made to the Director on the appropriate form and accompanied by the appropriate fee.
  3. The Director shall issue an RLA if the applicant complies with the requirements prescribed in regulation 101.02.2.
  4. An RLA shall be valid for a period of 12 months from date of issue. 


  1. It is a responsibility of the applicant to observe and comply with any other laws of the country, e.g. municipal by-laws, Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), etc.
  2. Continued system maintenance as per regulation 101.06.1 (1). 


An applicant has three options to acquire letter of approval for an RPA. Different options are stipulated in regulation 101.02.2 (1). For all three options, applicants should submit the substantiating documentation which supports the application.  

Submitted documentation should substantiate that the RPAS in question is capable of being operated safely for the work it will be deployed for. The evaluation process will consider the contents of Operational Specifications (OpsSpec) issued by the Director as part of RPAS Operators Certificate (ROC).  

Requirements for system safety are stipulated in Regulation 101.02.2 (1) and Document SA-CATS 101. Please also refer to TGM for Part 101 RPAS Letter of Approval for more information.  Please click here to access the TGM. 


The SACAA will consider documentation for previously approved RLA for similar RPAS. Should operational conditions change, SACAA may request more documentation or substantiation to cover the differences.   

Upon complying with all requirements, the Director will issue a RPAS Letter of Approval (RLA).

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