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RPAS Maintenance and Engineers

RPAS Maintenance

Due to the fact that there are currently no certification standards for RPAS, the applicant should maintain the RPA in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions whether it is through actions or inspections. The maintenance programme has to be submitted to the SACAA for Directors approval. See Technical Guidance Material (TGM) for Maintenance programme for more information. Please click here to access TGM. 

Maintenance Engineers 


  • Applicant submits application form CA-101-RLA with appropriated fee. 


Pre-requisites, an application should:

  1. Be no less than 18 years of age
  2. Be a South African citizen or in possession of a valid permanent residence permit or valid temporary work permit with a letter of employment
  3. Have successfully completed appropriate training, provided by (i) an organization approved by the competent authority in the country where the training organization is located; (ii) training provided by an approved original equipment manufacturer, or (iii) a training facility approved by the Director, or
  4. Demonstrate the ability to perform maintenance functions where no training for the particular RPA is offered or available. 


  • RMT requirements.  

Upon successful completion a RPAS Maintenance Technician Letter of Authorization (RMT) will be issued.

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